Batman 118 (Cover C)—Front Cover

Pre-orders Live for Batman #118 McFarlane Homage Variant!

Batman 118 (Cover C)—Front Cover
Here’s the World’s Greatest Detective pondering the mystery of how to climb down off this slippery stone sculpture in the rain without breaking his neck.

UPDATE (11/22/2021): We have some sadness and some gladness to share, as Marge Simpson once put it. First the sadness: The final order cut-off date has passed for Batman #118, and so we’ve taken its page down for now before we oversell the issue and invite the attention of some masked avenger who’s concluded that comic book retailers are a cowardly and superstitious lot. (Which is half true… but which half?)

But the gladness is that this pre-sale experiment has proven to be such a success that we’ve decided to offer not only the milestone Detective Comics #1050 (with its many, many covers) for pre-order, but DC’s entire range for January and beyond! And that’s not all: Marvel, Image, Dynamite, and Scout books starting from January are now all available for pre-order, with more great publishers going up in the coming days! Wow!

Ash Avenue Comics: Not cowardly and superstitious… cowardly or superstitious! Thanks for being there!

The comics world is all abuzz about Viktor Bogdanovic’s upcoming Batman #118 variant cover, a fun, fond homage to Todd McFarlane’s classic Spider-Man image from the cover of 1990’s Spider-Man #1! Originally a 1:25 retailer incentive variant, it quickly captured the imagination of the comics community, and DC has responded to the demand by making the issue available as an open-order variant.

Spider-Man #1Batman 118 (Cover C)—Front Cover
Move the slider back and forth to compare the two images.

It’s sure to be a hot seller, and if you want to lock down a copy for yourself right now in the name of peace of mind, we’re now taking pre-orders here on our site! All orders within the state of Arizona will have the option of local pick-up in addition to the delivery efforts of the hard-working men and women at the USPS. Don’t miss the start of this landmark new Bat-era!

Comics News | Gorgon | Jay Fotos

Hey Kids! Comics News! 8/11/2021

Hey Kids! Comics News! for August 11, 2021

Comics News | Gorgon | Jay Fotos


Local comic book pro Jay Fotos came by the shop to drop off some autographed copies of his stunning new crowdfunded project Gorgon (get yours at Ash Avenue Comics for $20.00!), which brought to mind the recent theme of creators exploring avenues outside of the major publishers to offer material over which they maintain ownership. Artist Liam Sharp offered his perspective recently:

Acclaimed Creator Liam Sharp Reveals How Kickstarter Has Changed Comics  |  Screen Rant

It worked out well for comic book legend/Tempe resident Todd McFarlane, who’s about to clean up with King Spawn #1 (out August 25th) to the tune of nearly half-a-million pre-orders:

Image Comics Announces Huge Sales Numbers For King Spawn #1, Dominates Marvel And DC Comics  |  The Mix

That is why you and I have regular baseball money and Todd has famous baseball money, my friend.

Meanwhile, DC Comics’ Alex Jaffe offers a thoughtful essay following up on Batman: Urban Legend #6’s developments regarding Tim Drake’s sexuality:

Some Big Changes for Tim Drake  |

It’s reassuring to know that in the DC Universe, no curtain of discrimination is drawn between straight and gay heroes when it comes to having their arm gorily torn from their bodies.

On a related note, if the wait for the Chainsaw Man anime’s debut has got you all itchy, this free-to-read (with an account) one-shot by creator Tatsuki Fujimoto in Shonen Jump should help scratch a little:

LOOK BACK: Special One-Shot by the creator of Chainsaw Man, Tatsuki Fujimoto  |  Shonen Jump

If you’ve ever passed an idle moment imagining what Jim Shooter would look like wearing a Superman costume, Mezco Toys has the answer:

Mezco: One:12 Collective DC Superman Man of Steel Edition Promo Images and Pre-Order

Keep on giving, comics!