Is modern living not already nerve-wracking enough without Key Collector sticking their oar in with baseless speculation regarding which of the Marvel frogs is going to be palling around with She-Hulk? Is it Leap Frog or Frog Man or who is it? Is Disney finally bringing Kermit the Frog into the Marvel Universe as I’ve advocated for for a decade? Is the race now on to scoop up all of the copies of Kermit’s first Marvel appearance, and if so, is it that Super Special with the Muppets Take Manhattan adaptation, or is it technically the Marvel Age issue with Kermit and Miss Piggy on the cover?

Can anything Key Collector says be trusted anymore? And just what am I supposed to do with all of those Leap Frog issues I bought off eBay this afternoon?

My god! Comics! I love ’em but sometimes they just make you crazy!