Ultimate Invasion 1 Sara Pichelli Variant | Marvel Comics | Ash Avenue Comics


If I were a writer for CBR or Screenrant or someplace like that, I would’ve named this post something like, “Marvel Gets Ready to INVADE Comic Shops This June.” Or, “Marvel Launches the ULTIMATE INVASION of Privacy This Summer.” But I don’t write for CBR or Screenrant, do I? I’m just plain ol’ Ash Avenue Comics Guy me. A pile of longboxes is my bed and a digest-sized collection of Sabrina the Teen-Age Witch stories my pillow. So that’s the title you get. The point is, Ultimate Invasion #1, Jonathan Hickman’s latest epic of multiverse-shattering superhero action and graphs, is going to touch our lives in a big way on June 21st, and you don’t want to miss out. If this infographic doesn’t get your pulse pounding, then you process data differently than I do, my good friend:


Ultimate Invasion #1 Preview | Marvel Comics | Ash Avenue Comics

This one promises to be a humdinger! Don’t risk getting left out by waiting until your lunch break on Wednesday to get your copy—reserve it now by pre-ordering here. There’s a whole load of great variants to choose from, too—there’s one by Sara Pichelli, another by Russell Dauterman, Peach Momoko did one, Lucas Werneck’s got one for my Hellfire Gala collectors (where you at), Ron Lim and John Christopher Tyler each chip in one, and Bryan Hitch has a special foil cover if you’re feeling fancy. There’s also a blank one so you can draw your own! That is a print run of one, my friend. Slab it and your children will live like tycoons! You can also treat yourself to Ed McGuinness’ 1:25 variant or Bryan Hitch’s 1:50 variant. And why not reserve Ultimate Invasion #2 while you’re at it? You can order for local pick-up at your convenience, or we can ship them right to your house! Think of it as… an Ultimate Home Invasion!

Oh, that’s why I don’t write for CBR.