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Hey Kids! Comics News! 8/10/2021

Hey Kids! Comics News! for August 10th, 2021

Infracells: Up! Dynotherms: Connected! Megathrusters are go! LET’S GO HEY KIDS! COMICS NEWS!

Have you heard the earth-shaking Batman news that’s dominating the headlines at all the major news sites?

Comics News | BatmanDC Comics Just Resurrected a Classic Batman Costume  |

I applaud DC for taking this step with such a major character. Long overdue. Already, there’s a certain element of Batman readers kicking up a fuss about seeing such an icon portrayed as an oval-wearer. Pish-posh, I say. Some amongst our brethren need to do some work on themselves instead of projecting their own insecurities onto a comic book character. “If even the Caped Crusader can be a yellow oval-wearer,” they think, “perhaps I can, too. And it’s only a matter of time before the community finds out. In fact, perhaps they already know. I had better post some extra-hot takes on social media and comments sections just in case.”

With all the fuss surrounding the Bat-Oval story, you may have missed this one:

A new ‘Batman’ comic confirms that sidekick Robin is queer  |  CNN

Like we all didn’t already know that. Joel Schumacher, you were a prophet.

Meanwhile, Scott Snyder has to apologize for acting in his career’s best interest, because up is down in the wacky world of comics:

INTERVIEW: Scott Snyder says “None of us are there to just take the money and hurt comics”  |  ComicsBeat

I would say to you, Scott Snyder, how am I supposed to get a rare 1:25 retailer incentive variant cover of a digital comic, huh? Whither my fungible tokens, Scott Snyder? Selfish.

Bleach Reveals Ichigo’s Real World Job  |

Turns out he’s been aggregating comics news headlines for a local comic book store website. Ichigo, I get you, man.

The Suicide Squad’s Underwhelming Box Office Debut Is a Lot More Complicated Than It Looks  |  IGN Africa

My big takeaway from this is that The Suicide Squad had the second-biggest premiere on HBO Max behind Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat had a character who wore a magic sweater. The Suicide Squad did not. The conclusion is obvious.

The Suicide Squad Bombs at US Box Office  |  The New Paper

“Suicide Squad” Fares Well On HBO Max  |  Dark Horizons

What a rollercoaster you are, The Suicide Squad.

Exclusive Marvel Legends X-Force 3-Pack: Domino Cannonball & Rictor 90s Figures!  |  Marvel Toy News

You know your generation is in consumerism’s driver’s seat when toy companies are celebrated for producing that early-90s children’s-snowsuit Cannonball design.

See you tomorrow night, buddies!