Supporting Ash Ave Comics

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Moving forward
Arizona has yet to declare in a “stay-in-place” order, or ordered the shut down of non-essential business, as long as this remains we will do our best to keep our doors open from 11 AM to 5 PM daily with some modifications for employee and customer safety. As announced today by Diamond Comics Distributors, there will be no new shipments of weekly comics after this week’s shipment, meaning the last weekly shipment of new comic books go on sale this Tuesday, March 24. We will do our best to remain open after April 1, however we may have to close our doors for the time being if there are not enough sales to justify staying open. It’s the toughest times yet for the comics industry, and we at Ash Ave Comics could really use your support.

Store Pickup
The first, and probably most frustrating change, is that we are no longer allowing customers beyond the door. This means no browsing, however we are willing to pull any items off of the shelf for customers looking for something to read but maybe without a specific idea about what they want.  If there is something specific you are looking for, let us know and one of our staff will check to see if we have it in stock.

Curbside Pickup
If you are not comfortable walking up to the shop door, and would prefer to have comics/graphic novels/toys picked up curbside in your vehicle, we are doing that too. Give us a call or drop us a line through our email, shop social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), or call us to arrange payment and pickup time. When you are arriving at the shop, give us a call (480-858-9447) and we’ll meet you outside with your purchase.

We have offered delivery for the last week and it has been great to see customers make use of this service. Here’s how it works, there’s a $15 minimum order, and in turn we will deliver comics to your doorstep, no human contact required. There is an exception to the fee for our subscription customers who will have the fee waived, but will not have their subscribers discount applied to their purchase. We are willing to deliver same day within 10 miles of the shop, and once again these orders can be placed by phone, email, or through social media.

Subscription Pull List 
Subscribers, we have new comics arriving this week for you, please help us out during this time by purchasing your comics we have pulled along with any other items we may have on hold for you. We desperately want to weather this storm and having our pull list holds cleared out will really help us keep our head above water for the time being.

Gift Cards
We have gift cards available, these can be paid for over the phone, by PayPal, through Venmo, or at the shop. We can mail gift cards to any address provided, and they can also be picked up at the shop or delivered.

We are humbly grateful if you can help us keep our doors open, please reach out to us for follow up through the channels listed above.

Thank you,