Ash Ave Comics May 1st Update

Hey everyone, happy May Day, spring has sprung! Over a month of shut down and I’m still here selling funny books and having a (mostly) good time.

Thank you so much for all of the support over the last month that has allowed for us to keep our bills paid and even bring some new stock into the shop. I hope all of you and those close to you are managing to stay safe and healthy. I have some updates to share as to how we’re coping with changes in our industry and how we plan to keep selling comics to you.

First up, there’s going to be a change in our subscription service for the time being, and that is going to be the suspension of subscriber discount for the time being. It probably isn’t a huge surprise that we’ve lost a large chunk of our sales which were walk in customers, and that we are having to rely on our subscription numbers for future orders for the next few months since it is unclear when it will be safe to return to a shop that can allow for walk in and casual browsing. I can’t sustain running a comic shop in which I’m pretty much solely selling a discounted product. If this is something you can’t work with us on, I understand, please contact me and let me know. Otherwise, thank you for your support and for sticking with us through these difficult times.

Second, we will have new DC Comics beginning on Tuesday, May 5th from Lunar Distribution, and will have comics from most major publishers arriving from Diamond Comics Distribution on Tuesday, May 19th. I haven’t quite figured out how I’ll manage all of this, but it’s going to work out, and the best part will be getting you some new comics.

Finally, I have been doing the majority of our reordering through Ingram Content Group, a distributor of books primarily, but they also distribute a lot of graphic novels. This includes titles that are still in Diamond warehouses or never even made it there, in addition to nearly every non-comic book in publication. If you are sick of ordering your paperbacks through Am-z-n, drop us a line and place an order, the turnaround is usually really fast. I have regularly been posting new product updates on our Instagram, specifically new TPBs from Marvel that have yet to be released by Diamond.

I am in the shop from 11 AM – 5 PM Tuesday through Saturday, please call me or contact me through email or any of our social media platforms to place an order.

Thank you.