Mitch Gerads

Join us for an IN-STORE EVENT with artist MITCH GERADS!

We’re excited to announce that MITCH GERADS, celebrated Eisner award-winning artist of Strange Adventures, Mister Miracle, and Sheriff of Babylon, will be joining us for an in-store event on SATURDAY, 1/29 from 2:00-4:00 pm! Mr. Gerads’ visit coincides with the release of his latest work, the Batman/Catwoman Holiday Special, for which he stepped in to complete the story begun by his friend John Paul Leon before Mr. Leon’s tragic passing last year. Mr. Gerads will be signing copies of that issue and other books featuring his art.

Mitch Gerads
Mitch Gerads.

This will be our first in-store event since the onset of the global pandemic, and we hope to see you all there. Please note that if you plan to attend, we ask that you please respect the following requests:

      1.  All attendees must wear masks. This is not up for debate. Guests without masks will be barred from entry. If we can see your nose, you are wearing your mask wrong.
      2. You may bring books from your collection for Mr. Gerads to sign, but all attendees are required to purchase a copy of the Batman/Catwoman Holiday Special to participate. Pre-orders are available here.
      3. All attendees must challenge and defeat Mr. Gerads in a contest of wrestling before he will autograph your books. You must pin Mr. Gerads until the count of three atop a makeshift mat we have constructed out of old Deathmate back issues before you are deemed worthy of his signature. Edit: Owner Drew has just informed us that there will be no mandatory wrestling match requirement as a condition of an audience with Mr. Gerads, and, indeed, any attendees who challenge Mr. Gerads physically or otherwise will be ejected from the store immediately. We regret this error.
      4. The event will end promptly at 4:00 pm, or at Mr. Gerads’ discretion. Don’t be late!