Ash Ave Comic Book Club October Meeting: Batman The Long Halloween

Hey! It’s October, so it’s time for another shop reading and discussion group.  We will be meeting at the shop on Sunday, October 9th at 6pm to discuss Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s much celebrated Dark Knight mystery Batman: The Long Halloween.  This will be our second Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale title in as many months, so next month will be a change of pace with Rutu Modan’s The Property , the Eisner award winner for Best Graphic Album-New in 2014.  Last month was our reading group’s second anniversary, and Keegan, one of our reading group’s long time participants, treated us to an acoustic guitar jazz set of the songs from Loeb and Sale’s Spider-Man Blue.  Check it:


Finally, a reminder that the selected readings of a given month are 20% off at the shop.  Thirsty? We recommend Bring Your Own Beverage.  Below is our schedule for October and November’s readings and a plot summary for The Long Halloween.

Sunday, October 9th: Batman The Long Halloween

Sunday, November 6th: The Property


From the early days of Batman’s crimefighting career, this new edition of the classic mystery involves a killer who strikes only on holidays. Working with Harvey Dent and Lieutenant Gordon, Batman races to discover who Holiday is! Collected from the original 13-issue series!