Moebius Tribute Art Show and Release Party at Ash Ave Comics!

Ash Ave Comics is celebrating the release of Dark Horse Comics’ Moebius Library :The World of Edena by hosting a tribute art show for the comics legend Moebius on Wednesday, October 26, timed to the release of Moebius Library.  The release party begins at 7 PM, and the art show features work from 10 artists with pieces paying homage to Moebius and his many worlds of creation.  Artists showing are Matt Connelly, Ellie Craze. David Delloso, Mike Dubisch, Isaac Fainkujen, Taggy Gerwin, Derk Harron, Russ Kazmierczak, Michael Pang, and Ryan Quackenbush.


Why a Moebius tribute art show?  A tribute show to the late French creator seemed like a natural extension of my love for his work as a fan, and to use this opportunity as a retailer to promote the release of the Moebius Library and to introduce his work to new readers wasn’t an opportunity I was going to pass on.  The majority of Moebius’ work has been out of print in the US for decades, the possibility of these long out of print works finding a new audience, not just in the US, but a younger audience who was only recently introduced to his work through The Incal and other Humanoids publications, is immensely satisfying.

It’s not only the lack of access to Moebius’ comics, translated to English as well, it’s what he made.  If Jack Kirby is our American “King of Comics,” then Moebius is his French equivalent.  Scottish comics artist Frank Quitely (Jupiter’s Legacy, We3) said this about Moebius style of artwork: “Everything that makes his designs, comic covers, illustrations and individual drawings and paintings beautiful, striking, well composed and effectively realized, is also employed in his strip-work. The ability to make not just a collection of wonderful images, but to make those images work together in sequence, is a whole other art-form in itself, and Moebius excelled as much in the fluidity of his storytelling as he did in the brilliance of his linework.”

Please join us on Wednesday, October 26 at 7 PM at Ash Ave Comics to celebrate the release the Moebius Library: The World of Edena, and to see his creations through the eyes of other creators at our art tribute show.