Biker Mice From Mars Release Party & Signing this Saturday!



Join us this Saturday at Ash Ave Comics for a release party and signing with artist/co-writer Chris Ness and writer Matthew Burke of the new Biker Mice From Mars series.  Chris and Matt ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the launch of a six issue self-published series, they have since published two issues, and the release party at Ash Ave Comics marks the release of the third issue.

Chris and Matt’s work on the Biker Mice From Mars series, as well as the decision to venture into self-publishing, comes from their passion for the characters from the 1993 animated aeries, and in making the comics.  It doesn’t hurt either that they got approval from series creator Rick Ungar to create these new stories featuring the Biker Mice and their war against the intergalactic menace of the Plutarkians.  Whether you’re a fan of the cult 90’s animated cartoon, or new to the Biker Mice From Mars,this new series offers something for fans old and new.  Chris and Matt had this to say about their take on the Biker Mice: “Our comic will consist of 6 issues that follows the mice from a war on Mars to Earth in a new way that respects the source material while creating a new universe at the same time. We are hoping to get people to enjoy the comic as well as restore an old love of the cartoon or a new respect for it.”

Stop by between 4-6 PM this Saturday, August 2nd to pick up issue #3, the latest issue of Biker Mice From Mars (older issues are available as well), and a chance to chat with the creators of the new series.


Come meet Matt and Chris this Saturday