Rick and Morty #8 Cvr A Fred C Stresing (MR)


This item will be released August 29, 2023.

The smash-hit ongoing series doth battle the gods themselves! After Goldenfold’s niece Noelle fooled the gods from Anti Hala, stole Nunzumel’s powers, and flew away with Morty, Nunzumel has called upon the Chosen One to destroy Rick. He is the one chosen by the prophets to bring an end to the Man-of-Science’s reign against God-kind. He is . . . Jerry? Meanwhile! The gods plan to resurrect someone with a can of dog food. Who can it be, you ask?! Guess you gotta read it! 

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Interior Art

Fred C. Stresing

Cover Art

Fred C. Stresing


Alex Firer


Oni Press

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