Ribbon Queen #2 (Of 8) Cvr C Chris Ferguson & Jacen Burrows Horror Homage Var (MR)


This item will be released August 23, 2023.

Detective Amy Sun watched the prime suspect in her case literally unravel before her eyes, leaving no doubt that some supernatural force was at work — and that work is grisly in the extreme! Now it’s up to her to piece together a case involving murder and police corruption before more people die. But when members of the corrupt cabal within the department corner Detective Sun, they too start to unravel. It’s the second chapter of the dark, bloody tale by modern masters of horror writer Garth Ennis and artist Jacen Burrows!

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Interior Art

Jacen Burrows & Guillermo Ortego

Cover Art

Chris Ferguson & Jacen Burrows


Garth Ennis


AWA Studios

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