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Weekly Shout-Out: May 24, 2023

Hey there, this is Drew writing, giving a new weekly update a shot, to shout out new comic book releases, graphic novels, and other items of interest arriving at the shop this week.


First up is Ambassadors #5, the penultimate issue in Mark Millar’s mini-series on a global stage, we have learned that heroes aren’t so much made through chemical mishaps or super powered bloodlines, rather the heroes of this title are hand picked to represent their nation as a member of an international team.  This is Mark Millar though, so do expect something to go very south, as my expectations for his heroes are about as short as his mini-series. Speaking of which, as Nemesis has wrapped up, the big tease at the end of issue 5 has to do with his next big thing at Image Comics, Big Game #1 which hits our shelves in mid-July.

Ambassadors #5, Mark Millar/Matteo Buffagni, $3.99, Cover A-C

Also, from Image Comics this week is 20th Century Men, the collected edition of Denis Camp and Stipan Morian’s breakout mini-series from 2022. It’s alternate history and science fiction, but it’s no steam punk. Take a look at the summary for 20th Century Men TP, then drop us a line if you think this is a comic book that needs to be on the top of your “to be read” pile:

At the end of the 20th Century, superheroes, geniuses, madmen and activists rush towards WWIII! A Soviet ‘iron’ hero; a super-powered American President; an insane cyborg soldier; an Afghan woman hellbent on building a better life for her people-these strange yet familiar beings collide in a story that mixes history, politics, and comic book mythology into something totally new. Welcome to 20th CENTURY MEN, where the edges of our reality and fiction touch, overlap… and then explode. Collects 20TH CENTURY MEN #1-6. $24.99

Marvel At a Glance

Daredevil & Echo #1: Brand synchronicity never looked so good. I mean, yes, that’s a bit cynical on my part, especially because it’s actually encouraging to see Echo back in a Daredevil story, which is cool, but the Phil Noto art is where it’s at. 

Storm #1: It’s Storm in her late 1980’s heyday, written by Ann Nocenti, one of Marvel’s top writers from the ‘80s.  Gen Z, you are allowed to read this btw. I promise it’s not cringe. Or is it?  Find out on Wednesday!

Fury #1: From the solicitation: “Who is S.C.O.R.P.I.O.?” Holy moley, this guy has such a long name he went with an acronym. Anyway, it’s written by Marvel house style bulwark Al Ewing, so I’m expecting a fun read.

DC At a Glance

City Boy #1: New mini-series spotlighting AAPI characters, from Greg Oak and Minkyu Jung. This new Korean hero can talk to cities too… hopefully figure out why we keep living in them. Yecch.

Justice Society #4: Back after a hiatus, the is Geoff Johns’ return to the title that won him so many fans in the late 1990s and early ’00s.