Squadron Supreme [1985] TPB


NM • Marvel Comics • 1985

Collects Squadron Supreme (1985) #1-12 and Captain America (1968) #314.

On an Earth much like our own, the world’s greatest superhuman champions are confronted by a society in ruins. Faced with the possibility of a new dark age for mankind, they choose the only course available to them -and take control of the world’s governments themselves! Now they have one year in which to completely restructure human society. Can their plan succeed? Will a renegade member bring about their downfall? And what will happen when the Earth’s mightiest heroes find themselves becoming instead its all-powerful, totalitarian overlords?

This is the first edition of this book, printed in 1997. Mark Gruenwald’s dying wish was that his ashes be mixed in with the ink used to print this run because he was so proud of the work.

Art: Bob Hall, Paul Ryan, Paul Neary, & John Buscema • Story: Mark Gruenwald

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