Sins of Sinister #1 Set of 6 Variants


This item will be released January 25, 2023.


It’s the end of the world as we know it, and at least Sinister feels fine. For now. Can that last? Especially when we discover that he really is his own worst enemy… The universe-melting X-event begins here, in a horror timeline that makes Age of Apocalypse look like the X-Men Swimsuit Special. Join Kieron Gillen (IMMORTAL X-MEN, AXE: JUDGMENT DAY) as he kicks off the X-Men crossover Sinister has been planning since the beginning…and is going to have to see through to the bitter end.

This set of six Sins of Sinister #1 variants includes:

•The main cover by Leinil Francis Yu
•Stanley “Artgerm” Lau variant (artwork not yet available)
•Joshua Cassaro homage variant (artwork not yet available)
•Geoff Shaw wraparound variant
•C.F. Villa Stormbreakers variant
•1:25 Geoff Shaw wraparound variant•1:50 Marco Checchetto variant

2 available for pre-ordering

Additional information

Interior Art

Lucas Werneck

Cover Art

Francis Yu


Kieron Gillen


Marvel Comics

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