Shepherd The Pit #1 Cvr B Inc 1:10 Ramiro Borrallo Var


This item will be released August 31, 2022.

Lexi and Nico Miller, the surviving children of The Shepherd, are visited by a spectral dog whose face is horribly disfigured. The siblings are shocked to learn that this phantom is the victim of a local dog-fighting ring. Yet, despite his own brutal death, the mournful dog’s spirit is determined that his fellow animals be freed from the violence and brutality of The Pit that claimed his life. What follows is a desperate rescue attempt that pierces the very heart of darkness. Retailer Incentives: Retailers purchasing ten copies of Cover A (1:10) of THE SHEPHERD: THE PIT #1 can purchase 1 copy of Cover B by Ramiro Borrallo. Please reach out to your CS rep with questions about retailer incentives.

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Interior Art

Ramiro Borrallo

Cover Art

Ramiro Borrallo


Alexandria P Molinari, Andrea Lorenzo Molinari, Roberto Xavier Molinari 


Scout Comics

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