SHAMAN KING Omnibus #12 (Vol. 34-35)


The action manga bestseller returns, in 600-page editions featuring a remastered translation and new cover art by creator Hiroyuki Takei! Dive into the classic Shonen Jump adventure whose world of mystical spirits and bewitching battles inspired the classic anime.This FINAL VOLUME in the series features content never before published in English, corresponding to Vol. 34-35 of the original Japanese release!Rise of the Shaman KingYoh defeats his mentor, Silva, and advances to the final phase of the Patch’s deadly Shaman Fight obstacle course, where he faces off against the ultimate enemy—Hao. However, the newly-crowned Shaman King isn’t Yoh’s only opponent—the battle takes place in outer space, where Yoh and gang must also conquer otherworldly forces of nature. As the epic Shaman Fight comes to a close, how will Yoh protect humanity from Hao’s tyrannical rule, and what does the future hold for him?

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Hiroyuki Takei


Kodansha Comics

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