Omega Men #3 Facsimile Edition Cvr B Keith Giffen & Mike Decarlo Foil Var


This item will be released August 1, 2023.

Euphorix: the last remaining stronghold of freedom in the Vega star system. When word reaches the Omega Men that the Citadel has broken though Euphorix’s impenetrable force field, Kalista leads a crew of Omega Men to the planet’s rescue–not realizing that it’s a trap to uncover the real method of breaching the shield. Featuring the historic first appearance of the bastich bounty hunter Lobo, this facsimile edition of The Omega Men #3 presents the classic story with all its original ads and fraggin’ attitude!

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Interior Art

Keith Giffen, Mike Decarlo

Cover Art

Keith Giffen, Mike Decarlo


Roger Slifer


DC Comics

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