Nightwing #100 Set of 8 Covers


This item will be released January 17, 2023.

Art by Bruno Redondo, Rick Leonardi, Scott McDaniel, Mikel Janin, and Javier Fernandez. Come join us with big smiles and even bigger celebrations as Nightwing hits its milestone issue #100! Cheer how far we’ve come by looking through the decades at what has made Nightwing a beloved hero. What better way to celebrate than with familiar friends and artists? Then, with Heartless creating a lair in the heart of Bludhaven to take Blockbuster’s throne, Nightwing will follow suit, setting up a headquarters of his own…with the help of some friends who helped make him who he is now, of course!

This set includes all 8 open-order variant covers of Nightwing #100:

• Cover A by Bruno Redondo
• Cover B by Jamal Campbell
• Cover C by Jim Lee (artwork not yet released)
• Cover D by Jorge Jimenez
• Cover E by Javier Fernandez
• Cover F by Travis Moore
• Cover G by Bruno Redondo (acetate, artwork not yet released)
• Cover H by George Pérez (artwork not yet released)

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