Nightfall #3 Double Feature Cvr B Chris Shehan Var


This item will be released March 29, 2023.

Cemeterians: As the world’s cemeteries erupt in bizarre earthquakes, Ivy and Alan flee the riot-torn city to ask a long-dead Civil War lieutenant what has happened to the afterlife. Soon, they see for themselves, as something monstrous emerges from the soil. Denizen: Helene’s already fragmented mind continues to splinter when she is haunted by terrible visions of her past. The dagger’s deadly power reveals itself to Maya. Lily discovers the key to saving her mother, but a throng of desert specters stand in her way. With Richard powerless to stop them, Helene and Maya enter the camper, perhaps to fall under the power of the dark denizen that lurks inside forever. Comics > Ratio Variants,

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Interior Art

Chris Shehan, Maan House

Cover Art

Chris Shehan


Daniel Kraus, David Andry, Tim Daniel


Vault Comics

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