Murder By Mail #3 Cvr A Joshua Werner (MR)


This item will be released August 16, 2023.

In Murder By Mail, a fully interactive role-playing experience, you are presented with evidence from an unsolved murder case, and through the favors you call in, the interviews you conduct, and your own wits and attention to detail, you can discover the identity of the killer and put the case to rest. In Case No. 003, what starts out as a missing persons case turns into a full blown hunt for the killer of Sarah Sullivan, a greenhouse worker on the verge of a horticulture breakthrough, when her corpse is discovered in a garden bed of the greenhouse where she conducts her research. Can you trace the roots of the crime through the competitive world of botany and identify the killer before more blood hits the soil?

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Interior Art

Joshua Werner

Cover Art

Joshua Werner


Joshua Werner


Source Point Press

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