Loaded Bible Blood of My Blood #5 (Of 6) Cvr A Andolfo (MR)


The cloned savior clings to life…and it’s up to the Saved to save him!

Jesus might be a clone of the original, but even so, history’s intent on repeating itself. Betrayed by those he was fighting to save, Jesus lay bleeding out in the streets of New Vatican City. His only hope is the Saved, the societal outcasts Jesus protects. Championed by Jesus’s mortal cousin, John the Mechanic, the Saved spark an all-out assault on New Vatican City to rescue Jesus. But not even Jesus knows it’s not just the Saved in danger. If Dracula activates his deadly machine, everyone in the world—human and vampire alike—dies!

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Interior Art

Guiseppe Cafano

Cover Art

Mirka Andolfo


Tim Seeley


Image Comics

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