Knight Terrors: Poison Ivy #2 (Of 2) Cvr B Lesley Leirix Li Card Stock Var


This item will be released August 1, 2023.

STUCK IN SUBURBAN HELL! Pamela Isley and Harleen Quinzel are so absolutely, utterly in love that everything and everyone around them is just aces. Their neighbors are so happy it hurts. Why, even the sun is smiling! But when a few rotten eggs sneak into Ivy’s perfect little cul-de-sac, things start to go foul. Can the verdant villainess escape the clutches of her own spoiling dream house before it eats her and Janet-from-HR alive?!

Additional information

Interior Art

Atagun Ilhan

Cover Art

Lesley Leirix Li


G. Willow Wilson


DC Comics

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