Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #2 (Of 2) Cvr C Kyle Hotz Card Stock Var


This item will be released August 22, 2023.

WAKE UP, JIM GORDON! After seeing diamonds violently pour out of a woman’s mouth and the metal of his old Batman robo-suit soldered onto someone’s flesh to wear around Gotham…Jim Gordon slowly realizes that the good people of Gotham being represented by monstrous ideations of power, wealth, and knowledge…aren’t very good people at all. Jim’s investigation leads him to a mysterious clock, and he goes to Oracle for help to trace who or what is causing this nightmare…but whether he is able to wake up from it at all will be up to more than just himself.

Additional information

Interior Art

Riccardo Federici

Cover Art

Kyle Hotz


Dan Watters


DC Comics

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