Kaijumax Season TP Vol 6 (MR)


This item will be released August 31, 2022.

FINAL SEASON!  From across the galaxy, a terrifying alliance of alien warships enters our atmosphere. Inmates of both Kaijumax prisons suit up for the filthy, dangerous work of battling the alien threat out in the world, all in a bid to lessen their thousand-year sentences. Amid the fiery chaos, offspring will be reunited with their parents, antediluvian grudges will be fulfilled, and new, monstrous crimes will be committed. Wade into the fray with Electrogor, Whoofy, Go-Go Space Baby, Dr. Zhang, Ding Wing, Daniel, and all the rest as Kaijumax’s final season reaches its explosive conclusion!

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Interior Art

Zander Cannon

Cover Art

Zander Cannon


Zander Cannon


Oni Press

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