Ghost Rider [Vol. 2) #31 | Rise of the Midnight Sons, Part 6


Rise of the Midnight Sons – Part 6

Now, the final battle between the Midnight Sons and Lilith and her children begins as Doctor Strange has gathered The Spirits of Vengeance, The Nightstalkers, Morbius and The Darkhold Redeemers to confront Lilith and her children. Now the ragtag group of mystics must put aside their differences to save the world from damnation. Then, with a clash of mystical power, the dark forces of the Lilin have been defeated. Or have they? Also, what has become of Dan? And can the power of the Mother of Demons truly be destroyed?

Art: Andy Kubert & Joe Kubert • Story: Howard Mackie

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Marvel Comics

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Polybagged with poster. First team appearance of the Midnight Sons.