Getting Dizzy #3 (Of 4) – Cover A


_ Dizzy and the rest of The Rollers have had a quiet couple of days, tracking any possible Negatrix activity and getting Dizzy ready for the big skating competition.

_ But as Dizzy?s confidence in her abilities climbs, arrogance becomes a mask for self-doubt, to the detriment of her friends.

_ Even as Dizzy starts to doubt herself, and pushes her pals away, she realizes that Mayor Fox is infected by the Negatrixes and is spreading their negativity all over town!

_ But before she can get her thoughts in order, Dizzy discovers a dark, unexpected secret behind her ?Burb Defender identity at the worst possible time? when her powers run out of charge?

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Celia Moscote


Shea Fontana


Boom! Studios

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