Dahlia in the Dark #3 (Of 6) Cvr B Andrea Milana Var


A hostage situation gets out of hand leading to Donny going off on his own during the ensuing chaos. The outlaw king of the fairies, unsatisfied with the progress made in retrieving the package, sends a powerful wizard to earth to end this chase and take back what is rightfully his. Dahlia in the Dark is a fast-paced, action, fantasy thriller about family and hidden truths. Ringo award winner and Eisner nominated author Joe Corallo (She Said Destroy, Becstar, The Never Ending Party) joins rising star artist Andrea Milana for an all-original mini-series that will take readers on one wild ride! Comics > Ratio Variants,

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Interior Art

Andrea Milana

Cover Art

Chris Shehan


Joe Corallo


Mad Cave Studios

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