Phoenix New Times’ Best of Phoenix 2011: Best Comic Shop!

Ash Ave. Comics won our second Phoenix New Times’ Best of Phoenix award for the best comic shop 2011!  Check it out our write-up for “Best Place to Buy a Comic Book” on the Phoenix New Times site, we’ve also posted the text below:

Pop quiz, comic geek: What do fossil records and comic shops have in common? Answer: Both are a window into a time and place that have long since passed. The glory days of comic stores with their boxes jammed full of meticulously plastic-sleeved, cardboard-backed wonders may be gone, but you can relive the memories of them at Ash Avenue Comics. In this shop, spandex-clad superheroes continue their eternal quests to defeat the forces of evil (also in spandex) 24 pages at a time. Just be prepared to wait for the shop to open. There are posted hours, mind you, but they’re a bit more like guidelines than hard-and-fast hours of operation.