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Hey Kids! Comics News! 8/9/2021

Hey Kids! Comics News! 8/9/2021Hey Kids! Comics News!

Happy Monday, kids! Did you have a great weekend? Looks like while you, the comics-reading cat, were away, the comic news mice did play. Let’s see what comics have been getting up to the last few days! It’s time for Hey Kids! Comics News!

Holy moley! Your favorite artists and writers are jumping ship from the major publishers to go it alone on… Substack? Now why would they do such a nutty thing?

James Tynion IV announces DC departure, new creator-owned deal with Substack  |  Comics Beat

Scott Snyder Launches Substack Writing Classes For $7 A Month  |  Bleeding Cool

Oh, I see, it’s because of stuff like this:

Marvel and DC Face Backlash Over Pay: ‘They Sent a Thank-You Note and $5000—the Movie Made $1bn”  |  The Guardian

Don’t worry, though, artists and writers and artist/writers, they’ll get sentimental about you when you’re dead:

Berserk to Release New Chapter Following Creator’s Death  |

We kid, we kid—it’s outstanding to get to enjoy Kentaro Miura’s final pages and see him get his due.  Can’t wait.

Comics Journal, can you elevate this feature with some thought-provoking commentary on Tom Taylor and The Other History of the DC Universe? Can you ever:

Big Trouble Since 1976  |