Comic Book Club April Meeting: X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga + Y The Last Man vol 4

Our April meetings are just around the corner, this month we’ll be reading The Dark Phoenix Saga, Chris Claremont and John Byrne’s classic run from The Uncanny X-Men, on Sunday, April 2nd and we’ll discuss the penultimate volume of Y: The Last Man on Sunday, April 16th.

A reminder that all meetings begin at 6 PM, are BYOB, and we offer 15% off a given month’s title in the shop.  Below is our next two months of readings, and a photo and summary of April’s main title.

Our schedule for April and May:

Sunday, April 2nd: X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga

Sunday, April 16th: Y: The Last Man vol 04

Sunday, May 7th: Saga of the Swamp Thing vol 01

Sunday, May 19th: Y: The Last Man vol 05


An Epic Tale Of Triumph And Tragedy! When The Dark Phoenix Rises, Suns Grow Cold And Universes Die! The X-Men Embark On An Adventure That Will Span The Cosmos As One Of Their Own, Jean Grey, Has Unwittingly Attained Power Beyond Conception – And Been Corrupted, Absolutely. The X-Men Must Decide: Is The Life Of The Woman They Cherish Worth The Existence Of An Entire Universe? This Touching Tale Of Ultimate Power And The Triumph Of The Human Spirit Has Been A Cornerstone Of The X-Men Mythos For More Than Three Decades. Now, Relive The Dark Phoenix Saga With This Deluxe Collection, Bursting At The Seams With Extra Stories That Illuminate New And Different Facets Of The World Of The Phoenix! Collecting X-Men (1963) #129-138, Phoenix: The Untold Story; And Material From Classic X-Men #43, Bizarre Adventures #27 And What If? (1977) #27.