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Ash Ave ComicHub New Release Links for May 31, 2023

Here are the links to this week’s crop of instant classics now available for purchase from our ComicHub store… while supplies last! My pick of the week is the back-in-print Money Shot, Volume 1, but only for you grown-ups! If you’re too young or censorious to enjoy a good light-hearted sexy comedy romp, then how about Amazing Spider-Man #26, another instructive Spidey tale demonstrating the most just way to weigh great power against great—wait, what?! How can that even happen? She’s made out of rubber!

Meanwhile, a new load of TPBs and hardcovers made their triumphant debuts on our ComicHub store this week, including a whole mess of Humanoids collections, always fertile ground from which new favorites grow! Marshals and Child of the Storm are two good places to start.

Alien #2
Alien #2 Dave Johnson Var
Alter Ego #182 
Amazing Spider-Man #26
Amazing Spider-Man #26 25 Copy Incv Larraz Var
Amazing Spider-Man #26 Gary Frank Spoiler Var
Amazing Spider-Man #26 Talaski Spider-Verse Var
Ancient Enemies #4 (Of 6) Cvr A Beyruth
Avengers Beyond #3 (Of 5)
Avengers Beyond #3 (Of 5) Clarke Var
Back Issue #144 
Barbarella: The Center Cannot Hold #4 Cvr A Chew
Barbarella: The Center Cannot Hold #4 Cvr B Celina
Barbarella: The Center Cannot Hold #4 Cvr G 10 Copy Incv Forest B
Betsy Braddock Captain Britain #4
Betsy Braddock Captain Britain #4 Davi Go Var
Black Tape #4 (Of 4) Cvr A Dan Panosian (MR)
Black Tape #4 (Of 4) Cvr B Cary Nord Variant (MR)
Blue Flame TP The Complete Series 
Captain America Symbol of Truth #13
Captain America Symbol of Truth #13 Pete Woods Spider-Verse
Carnage #13
Carnage #13 25 Copy Incv Philip Tan Var
Carnage #13 Ryan Stegman Venom The Other Var
Carnage #13 Skan Var
Carnage #13 Taurin Clarke Connecting Var
Clobberin’ Time #3 (Of 5)
Clobberin’ Time #3 (Of 5) Panosian Var
DC Pride 2023 #1 (One Shot) Cvr A Mateus Manhanini
DC Pride 2023 #1 (One Shot) Cvr B Gabriel Picolo Wraparound Var
DC Pride 2023 #1 (One Shot) Cvr C Oscar Vega Var
DC Pride 2023 #1 (One Shot) Cvr D Jen Bartel Foil Var
Deadpool #7
Deadpool #7 Ben Su Var
Deadpool #7 Momoko Spider-Verse Var
Deep Cuts #2 (Of 6)
Detective Comics #1072 Cvr A Evan Cagle
Detective Comics #1072 Cvr B Kelley Jones Card Stock Var
Detective Comics #1072 Cvr C Mike Perkins Card Stock Var
Detective Comics #1072 Cvr D Inc 1:25 Sebastian Fiumara Card Stock Var
Doctor Strange #3
Doctor Strange #3 Asrar Spider-Verse Var
Doctor Strange #3 Lee Sister Grimm AAPI Heritage Month Var
Doctor Strange #3 Stegman Var
Door to Door Night By Night #6 Cvr A Sally Cantirino
Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (Of 4)
Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (Of 4) Casanovas Connecting Var
Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (Of 4) David Yardin Var
End After End TP Vol 1
Expanse The Dragon Tooth #1 (Of 12) 2nd Ptg
Faithless HC Deluxe Edition (MR) 
Gargoyles #6 Cvr A Nakayama
Gargoyles #6 Cvr B Conner
Gargoyles #6 Cvr C Parrillo
Gargoyles #6 Cvr E Lee
Gargoyles #6 Cvr F Fleecs & Forstner
Gargoyles #6 Cvr G 10 Copy Incv Kambadais Original
Good Asian 1936 Deluxe Edition HC (MR)
Grim Reaper Pack (Bundle) #1
Icon Vs Hardware #3 (Of 5) Cvr A Rahzzah
Icon Vs Hardware #3 (Of 5) Cvr B Mateus Manhanini Var
Killadelphia #30 2nd Ptg
Lady Death Diabolical Harvest #1 (Of 2) Cvr A Standard Bern
Listen Beautiful Marcia HC 
Local Man #3 2nd Ptg (MR)
Local Man #4 Cvr A Seeley Fleecs Reber (MR)
Local Man #4 Cvr B Maus (MR)
Mindset TP The Complete Series
Money Shot TP Vol 01 New Printing
Pathfinder Wake Dead #1 Cvr A Ellis
Power Girl Special #1 (One Shot) Cvr A Marguerite Sauvage
Power Girl Special #1 (One Shot) Cvr B Stanley Artgerm Lau Card Stock Var
Power Girl Special #1 (One Shot) Cvr C Amanda Conner Card Stock Var
Power Girl Special #1 (One Shot) Cvr F David Nakayama Card Stock Var
Power Girl Special #1 (One Shot) Cvr G David Nakayama Foil Var
Power of Shazam TP Book 02 The Worm Turns
Punisher #12
Punisher #12 Cassaday Spider-Verse Var
Punisher #12 Suayan Var
Retrofan Magazine #27 
Rocketeer Cvr A Hughes
Rocketeer Cvr B Rodriguez
Savage Strength of Starstorm #1 Cvr A Drew Craig
Savage Strength of Starstorm #1 Cvr B Wes Craig
Silver Surfer Ghost Light #4
Spawn Scorched #18 Cvr A Bogdanovic
Spawn Scorched #18 Cvr B Renaud
Spider-Man 2099 Dark Genesis #5 (Of 5)
Spider-Man 2099 Dark Genesis #5 (Of 5) Lashley Frame Var
Spider-Man 2099 Dark Genesis #5 (Of 5) Reis Connecting Var
Star Trek TP Warriors of the Mirror War
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #32
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #32 Ema Lupacchino Var
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #32 Sprouse Return Jedi 40th Ann Var
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #32 Yu Darth Maul Solo 5th Ann Movie
Star Wars High Republic Adventures #5 (Of 8)
Star Wars Sana Starros #4
Star Wars Sana Starros #4 Lupacchino Var
Star Wars Sana Starros #4 Yu Lando Solo 5th Anniv Movie Var
Static Season One TP
Street Fighter 6 #2 (Of 4) Cvr A Ng
Street Fighter 6 #2 (Of 4) Cvr B Panzer
Torrent #4 Cvr A Greenwood & Renzi
Torrent #4 Cvr C Leonardi & Renzi
Vampirella Strikes #13 Cvr A Parrillo
Vampirella Strikes #13 Cvr B Segovia
Vampirella Strikes #13 Cvr C Yoon
Vampirella Strikes #13 Cvr F 10 Copy Incv Stelfreeze Modern
Venom Lethal Protector II #3 (Of 5)
Venom Lethal Protector II #3 (Of 5) Philip Tan Var
W0Rldtr33 #1 2nd Ptg (MR)
W0Rldtr33 #2 Cvr A Blanco (MR)
W0Rldtr33 #2 Cvr B Dani (MR)
Warlock Rebirth #1 (Of 5) 2nd Ptg Ron Lim Var
X-23 Deadly Regenesis #3 (Of 5)
X-23 Deadly Regenesis #3 (Of 5) Parel Var
W0rldtr33 2 | Image Comics | Ash Avenue Comics

Weekly Shout-Out: May 30, 2023

by Drew Sullivan


W0rldtr33 #2 (Image) from Jam3$ T¥n10n, F3rnand0 B1anc0, and Jordie Bellaire (I lost the enthusiasm for the numbers as letters gag halfway through Fernando Blanco). Holy smokes, what a nightmare factory James Tyrion IV’s imagination, churning out all types of terror and fright in Something is Killing the Children, The Closet, and Department of Truth; and now in his latest W0rldtr33, the underbelly of the underbelly of the internet, the undernet has loosed a force of violence as memetic spectacle on the earth. Great, like people using the internet for evil wasn’t bad enough? First rate horror from Tyrion, Blanco, and Bellaire returns this week, check it!

Clobberin’ Time #3 (Marvel) from Steve Skroce. Call me nuts, but I prefer my Marvel Comics a little unhinged, so I’m an easy mark when it comes to Marvel handing the keys to their Marvel Two-in-One team up title to comic visionary Steve Skroce.  You get The Thing, in this issue joined by Dr. Strange, and a lot of weird story turns, and insane art by Stroke. Perfection! I also highly recommend Skroce’s Doc Frankenstein, Post Americana, and Maestro; and, y’know, he and Geof Darrow were the designers of the first Matrix film, so dude has his chops on some mind bending sci-fi visuals.

Amazing Spider-Man #26 (Marvel) from Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. I figure there’s been enough digital ink (and blood) spilled regarding this issue over the last few weeks, so I’ll keep it short and simple. We have copies.

The Rocketeer Special (IDW): An anthology issue of three short stories timed to release with the new documentary on Rocketeer creator Dave Stevens, Dave Stevens: Drawn to Perfection, including a story written by the film’s director. And of course, there’s the cover art by Adam Hughes. Great cover, and some fun Rocketeer stories? Sounds good.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Saturday Morning Adventures Continued 1 | IDW Publishing | Ash Avenue Comics
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Saturday Morning Adventures Continued #1


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Saturday Morning Adventures #1 (IDW): Get your 80s nostalgia satiated with another mini-series relishing the carefree cartoons of yesteryear.

Punisher #12 (Marvel): Jason Aaron and Jesus Saiz’s run on the ol’ Punny comes to an end, will Frank Castle stick it to the Hand? Maria Castle is resurrected? Ares, the god of War was up in here too? It all comes to an end this issue, wrapped up and tied with a bloodstained bow by messrs Aaron and Saiz.

DC Pride 2023 and Power Girl Special (DC): DC’s big releases this week also serve a reminder that this month has a 5 Wednesday release so the publishers usually spread releases out and add some annuals or event books. So, DC fans, in light of the sparse slate from DC, look to these titles for some new stories, including a short story in DC Pride from Grant Morrison.

Fearless Dawn: The Bomb #1 | Asylum Press | Ash Avenue Comics

Ash Ave ComicHub New Release Links for May 24, 2023

ComicHub logo | Ash Avenue Comics

Here are all the links for this week’s new releases available on our ComicHub shop! Get ’em… while supplies last! My pick of the week is Fearless Dawn: The Bomb #1, thanks for asking! If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create a ComicHub account to complete your purchase. Orders can be placed for shipping or local pick-up. Also, I’ve been scanning in our TPB catalog, and I’ve uncovered a lot of lost gems. Humdingers aplenty! Take a look, my good friends!

007 For King And Country #2 (Cover A Joseph Michael Linsner)
007 For King And Country #2 (Cover D Lesley Leirix Li)
Action Comics #1055 Cvr A Sebastian Fiumara
Action Comics #1055 Cvr B Rafa Sandoval Card Stock Var
All Eight Eyes #2 (Of 4) Cvr A Kowalski
All Eight Eyes #2 (Of 4) Cvr B Henderson
Ambassadors #1 (Of 6) 3rd Ptg Special Edition (MR)
Ambassadors #3 (Of 6) 2nd Ptg Special Edition (MR)
Ambassadors #5 (Of 6) Cvr A Buffagni (MR)
Ambassadors #5 (Of 6) Cvr B Buffagni B&W (MR)
Ambassadors #5 (Of 6) Cvr C Yu (MR)
Bishop War College #4
Blue Book #4 (Of 5) Cvr A Oeming
Blue Book #4 (Of 5) Cvr B Charretier
Blue Book #4 (Of 5) Cvr C 10 Copy Incv Shehan
Briar Volume 1 TP
Bulls of Beacon Hill #5
City Boy #1 (Of 6) Cvr A Minkyu Jung & Sunny Gho
City Boy #1 (Of 6) Cvr C Alexandre Tefenkgi AAPI Heritage Month Card Stock Var
Daredevil and Echo #1 (Of 4)
Daredevil and Echo #1 (Of 4) 25 Copy Incv Cheung Var
Daredevil and Echo #1 (Of 4) Declan Shalvey Var
Darkwing Duck #5 (Cover A Lesley Leirix Li)
Darkwing Duck #5 (Cover B Mirka Andolfo)
Darkwing Duck #5 (Cover D Trish Forstner)
Darkwing Duck #5 (Cover R Ken Haeser)
DC/RWBY #4 (Of 7) Cvr A Meghan Hetrick
Dead Romans #3 (Of 6) Cvr A Marinkovich (MR)
Dead Romans #3 (Of 6) Cvr B Marinkovich (MR)
Dune House Harkonnen #5 (Of 12) (Cover A Raymond Swanland)
Dune House Harkonnen #5 (Of 12) (Cover B Reiko Murakami)
Dune House Harkonnen #5 (Of 12) (Cover E Raul Allen Reveal Variant)
Dungeons & Dragons Saturday Morning Adventure #3 Cvr A Kambadais
Dungeons & Dragons Saturday Morning Adventure #3 Cvr B Hickey
Expanse Dragon Tooth #2 (Of 12) (Cover A Christian Ward)
Extreme Venomverse #2 (Of 5)
Extreme Venomverse #2 (Of 5) Lashley Symbiote Var
Extreme Venomverse #2 (Of 5) Peach Momoko Var
Extreme Venomverse #2 (Of 5) Stegman Venom The Other Var
Fearless Dawn The Bomb #1 (Of 5) Cvr A Steve Mannion
Fearless Dawn The Bomb #1 (Of 5) Cvr B Steve Mannion Var
Fearless Dawn The Bomb #1 (Of 5) Cvr D Steve Mannion Var
Feeder #1 (Of 5) Cvr A Daryl Knickrehm (MR)
Feeder #1 (Of 5) Cvr B Daryl Knickrehm Movie Homage Var (MR)
Flashpoint #1 Special Edition
Forged #3 (MR)
Fury #1
Fury #1 Samnee Var
Girl Juice TP (MR)
Green Arrow #2 (Of 6) Cvr A Sean Izaakse
Green Arrow #2 (Of 6) Cvr E Sean Izaakse Design Card Stock Var
Guardians of the Galaxy #1 2nd Ptg Kev Walker Var
Hallows Eve #3
Hallows Eve #3 Swaby Var
Hallows Eve #3 Young Var
Harley Quinn #30 Cvr A Sweeney Boo
Harley Quinn #30 Cvr B Jenny Frison Card Stock Var
Harrower #4 (Of 4) (Cover A Brahm Revel)
Hellcat #3 (Of 5)
Hellcat #3 (Of 5) Cola Var
Hitomi TP (MR)
Indigo Children #3 (MR)
Iron Man #1 Facsimile Edition
Justice Society of America #4 (Of 12) Cvr A Mikel Janin
Kaya #8 Cvr A Craig
Kaya #8 Cvr B Lotay
King Spawn #22 Cvr A Bogdanovic
King Spawn #22 Cvr B Keane
Mullet Cop License to Krill (One Shot)
Neighbors #3 (Of 5) (Cover A Miguel Mercado)
Nemesis Reloaded #1 (Of 5) 3rd Ptg Special Edition (MR)
Nemesis Reloaded #4 (Of 5) 2nd Ptg (MR)
New Mutants Lethal Legion #3 (Of 5)
Night Club #4 (Of 6) 2nd Ptg (MR)
Night Club #5 (Of 6) Cvr A Templesmith (MR)
Night Club #5 (Of 6) Cvr B Templesmith B&W (MR)
Nightwing #104 Cvr A Bruno Redondo
Nightwing #104 Cvr C Jamal Campbell Card Stock Var
Nightwing #104 Cvr D Inc 1:25 Vasco Georgiev Card Stock Var
Orcs The Curse TP
Ordinary Gods #12 (MR)
Poison Ivy HC Vol 01 The Virtuous Cycle
Radiant Pink #5 (Of 5) Cvr A Kubert
Radiant Pink #5 (Of 5) Cvr B Montes
Red Zone #3 (Of 4) (MR)
Rick and Morty #5 Cvr A Marc Ellerby (MR)
Rick and Morty #5 Cvr B Fred C Stresing Var (MR)
Salome’s Last Dance HC 
Sandman Universe Dead Boy Detectives #6 (Of 6) Cvr A Nimit Malavia (MR)
Sandman Universe Dead Boy Detectives #6 (Of 6) Cvr B Alex Eckman-Lawn Card Stock Var (MR)
Soko #2 (Of 4) Cvr E Limited Edition Antonio Fuso Var (MR)
Spider-Man 2099 Dark Genesis #4 (Of 5)
Spider-Man 2099 Dark Genesis #4 (Of 5) Lashley Frame Var
Spider-Man 2099 Dark Genesis #4 (Of 5) Reis Connecting Var
Star Wars Darth Vader Black White and Red #2
Star Wars Darth Vader Black White and Red #2 Larocca Var
Star Wars High Republic #10
Star Wars High Republic #10 Lopez Var
Star Wars Hyperspace Stories #5 (Of 12) Cvr A Faccini
Static Shadows of Dakota #4 (Of 6) Cvr A Nikolas Draper-Ivey
Static Shadows of Dakota #4 (Of 6) Cvr B Marcus Williams Card Stock Var
Storm #1 (Of 5)
Storm #1 (Of 5) Artgerm Var
Storm #1 (Of 5) Caselli Marvel Icon Var
Street Fighter 6 #1 (Of 4) Cvr A Cruz
Street Fighter 6 #1 (Of 4) Cvr B Shinkiro
Summoners War Awakening #2 (Of 6)
Supermassive 2023 (One-Shot) Cvr A
Supermassive 2023 (One-Shot) Cvr B
Terrorwar #2 (MR)
Thor #34
Thor #34 Matteus Manhanini Var
Tim Drake Robin #9 Cvr A Nikola Cizmesija
Time Before Time #23 Cvr A Shalvey (MR)
Time Before Time #23 Cvr B Griffin (MR)
TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo: Wherewhen #3 Cvr A Sakai
TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo: Wherewhen #3 Cvr B Eastman
TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo: Wherewhen #3 Cvr C 10 Copy Incv Myer
Trigore Labyrinth HC 
Unstoppable Doom Patrol #3 (Of 6) Cvr A Chris Burnham
Unstoppable Doom Patrol #3 (Of 6) Cvr B Mikel Janin Card Stock Var
Unstoppable Doom Patrol #3 (Of 6) Cvr D Dennis Culver Foil Var
Vampirella Vs. The Superpowers #1 (Cover A Sozomaika)
Vampirella Vs. The Superpowers #1 (Cover D Joseph Michael Linsner)
Vampirella Vs. The Superpowers #1 (Cover E Rebeca Puebla)
Vampirella Vs. The Superpowers #1 (Cover F Rachel Hollon Cosplay Variant)
Vampirella Vs. The Superpowers #1 (Cover W Sozomaika Black & White Variant)
Vanish #7 Cvr A Stegman (MR)
Vanish #7 Cvr B Johnson (MR)
Vanish #7 Cvr C Greene (MR)
Vanish #7 Cvr D 10 Copy Incv Stegman (MR)
Vanish #7 Cvr J Incv Stegman Foil (MR)
Warlock Rebirth #2 (Of 5)
Warlock Rebirth #2 (Of 5) Noto Var
What’s the Furthest Place from Here #13 Cvr A Boss
What’s the Furthest Place from Here #13 Cvr B Thorogood
What’s the Furthest Place from Here #13 Cvr C 10 Copy Incv
X-Cellent #3 (Of 5)
X-O Manowar Unconquered #3 Cvr A Sharp (MR)
X-O Manowar Unconquered #3 Cvr B Rubin (MR)
X-O Manowar Unconquered #3 Cvr C Preorder Bundle Ed (MR)
Daredevil & Echo 1 Jim Cheung 1:25 Variant | Marvel Comics | Ash Avenue Comics

Weekly Shout-Out: May 24, 2023

Hey there, this is Drew writing, giving a new weekly update a shot, to shout out new comic book releases, graphic novels, and other items of interest arriving at the shop this week.


First up is Ambassadors #5, the penultimate issue in Mark Millar’s mini-series on a global stage, we have learned that heroes aren’t so much made through chemical mishaps or super powered bloodlines, rather the heroes of this title are hand picked to represent their nation as a member of an international team.  This is Mark Millar though, so do expect something to go very south, as my expectations for his heroes are about as short as his mini-series. Speaking of which, as Nemesis has wrapped up, the big tease at the end of issue 5 has to do with his next big thing at Image Comics, Big Game #1 which hits our shelves in mid-July.

Ambassadors #5, Mark Millar/Matteo Buffagni, $3.99, Cover A-C

Also, from Image Comics this week is 20th Century Men, the collected edition of Denis Camp and Stipan Morian’s breakout mini-series from 2022. It’s alternate history and science fiction, but it’s no steam punk. Take a look at the summary for 20th Century Men TP, then drop us a line if you think this is a comic book that needs to be on the top of your “to be read” pile:

At the end of the 20th Century, superheroes, geniuses, madmen and activists rush towards WWIII! A Soviet ‘iron’ hero; a super-powered American President; an insane cyborg soldier; an Afghan woman hellbent on building a better life for her people-these strange yet familiar beings collide in a story that mixes history, politics, and comic book mythology into something totally new. Welcome to 20th CENTURY MEN, where the edges of our reality and fiction touch, overlap… and then explode. Collects 20TH CENTURY MEN #1-6. $24.99

Marvel At a Glance

Daredevil & Echo #1: Brand synchronicity never looked so good. I mean, yes, that’s a bit cynical on my part, especially because it’s actually encouraging to see Echo back in a Daredevil story, which is cool, but the Phil Noto art is where it’s at. 

Storm #1: It’s Storm in her late 1980’s heyday, written by Ann Nocenti, one of Marvel’s top writers from the ‘80s.  Gen Z, you are allowed to read this btw. I promise it’s not cringe. Or is it?  Find out on Wednesday!

Fury #1: From the solicitation: “Who is S.C.O.R.P.I.O.?” Holy moley, this guy has such a long name he went with an acronym. Anyway, it’s written by Marvel house style bulwark Al Ewing, so I’m expecting a fun read.

DC At a Glance

City Boy #1: New mini-series spotlighting AAPI characters, from Greg Oak and Minkyu Jung. This new Korean hero can talk to cities too… hopefully figure out why we keep living in them. Yecch.

Justice Society #4: Back after a hiatus, the is Geoff Johns’ return to the title that won him so many fans in the late 1990s and early ’00s.

Best of 2020: Ash Ave Comics Staff Picks


And here we are, 2020 is finally coming to a close. It was as strange a year for comics as it was for the rest of the world, but the industry showed its resiliency and managed to survive nine months of a pandemic. Our little shop survived too. I read a lot of comics this year, many from years past, but there was plenty read this year as well, and a lot of what I read were some really good comics. A few of the titles in my best of list really deserve a second (or first) look if you didn’t see them in the shop. One of my favorites was Garth Ennis and PJ Holden’s The Stringbags, a World War II graphic novel that is as good of a comics war story as I have ever read, and really stands up as testament to Ennis’ place as comics’ greatest living war writer. I also want to shout out Alan Moore and Richard Corben for providing me with so many amazing comics from the past that I have either dived into for the first time, or am rediscovering.

While we can’t read everything, here’s what we read and loved that was published in 2020. Happy New Year, see you in 2021!

Drew’s best comics of 2020


Department of Truth (Image)
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Cartoonist (Drawn & Quarterly)
The Stringbags (Dead Reckoning)
Strange Adventures (DC)
DCeased (DC)
Pulp (Image)
Jack Kirby: The Epic Life of the King of Comics (Ten Speed Press)
One Million Tiny Fires (Silver Sprocket)
Reckless (Image)
What We Mean by Yesterday (Instagram)
Rorschach (DC)
Sports is Hell (Koyama)
Paying the Land (Metropolitan Books)

Best reprints of the year
Biologic Show (Hollow Press)
Complete Noir: Manchette and Tardi (Fantagraphics)
Yoshiharu Tsuge: The Swamp (Drawn & Quarterly)

Angela’s picks







Aggretsuko (Oni Press)
Eat and Love Yourself (Boom)
Something is Killing the Children (Boom)
Lois Lane (DC)
BL Metamorphosis (Seven Seas Entertainment)
Heartstopper (Scholastic)
Venus in the Blind Spot (Viz)


Sierra’s selections~







Tartarus (Image)
Dying is Easy (IDW)
Crossover (Image)
Scumbag (Image)
TMNT The Last Ronin (IDW)
Mercy (Image)
Locke and Key/Sandman (IDW)
Die!namite (Dynamite)