Sins of the Salton Sea 1 | AWA Studios | Ash Avenue Comics

PREVIEW: Sins of the Salton Sea #1

Don’t sleep on C.P. Smith and Ed Brisson’s Sins of the Salton Sea #1, a new supernatural crime thriller from AWA Studios that dares to ask the question, “Is the life of one child worth risking the fate of the world?” Don’t be too hasty with your answer, let’s see what the book has to say first! HEAR THEM OUT! Let’s take a look at this preview:

Sins of the Salton Sea #1 will be a-Salton comic book shops on June 14th (a-Salton, like… “Assaultin’!” That’s for you talent scouts out there)! Reserve your copy now!

Dark Crisis 1 | DC Comics | Ash Avenue Comics

PREVIEW: Dark Crisis #1

THE ENTIRE JUSTICE LEAGUE JUST GOT FRIDGED AND NOW EVERYONE IN THE DC UNIVERSE IS KYLE RAYNER, BABY! That was the tagline I pitched to DC Comics for their Dark Crisis event, but they politely declined. You guys can all use it, though.

Are you psyched for Dark Crisis #1 yet? Here’s a little taste from our friends at DC and Lunar Distribution! Final orders are due 5/15.

Quests Aside #1 | Vault Comics | Ash Avenue Comics

PREVIEW: Quests Aside #1

Enjoy this sneak preview of Quests Aside #1 by Elena Gogou and Brian Schirmer, out this coming Wednesday, May 4th from Vault Comics! Don’t sleep on this one!