Ash Ave Comics Book Club April Meetings: Trillium and Invisibles volume 3


Our March meetings have come and gone, but were the product of good discussion and exchange of ideas on the comics we read!  We’re kicking off April with Trillium, the second Jeff Lemire title to be selected by one of our reading group attendees, and follow that up with The Invisibles volume 3 in mid-month.  For our April 3rd meeting, we will be discussing Jeff Lemire’s 2014 miniseries Trillium. We still have some copies of Trillium and The Invisibles vol 3 available for purchase, and as a reminder our current Reading Club titles are 20% off of the listed price.

And here’s our schedule for the next two months, and the reading groups meet at 6 PM at the shop.

Sunday, April 5th: Trillium

Sunday, April 19thThe Invisibles vol 3: Entropy in the UK

Sunday, May 3rd: Black Hole

Sunday, May 17thThe Invisibles vol 4: Bloody Hell in America + vol 5: Counting to None

If you’d like to join come on into the shop and sign up. The Club meets at the shop on the first Sunday of the month to discuss a previously selected graphic novel, and club members will also choose the next month’s reading after finishing the discussion. The club currently also meets on the third Sunday of the month to discuss The Invisibles, and these discussions have been my favorite so far. If you’ve missed the first two and would still like to come, don’t hesitate. Read the summaries below for more information on Trillium & The Invisibles volume 3.


The amazing eight-issue miniseries by award-winning writer/artist Jeff Lemire is collected in this mind-blowing new collection! Two souls separated by thousands of years and hundreds of millions of miles will fall in love and, as a result, bring about the end of the universe. Even though reality is unraveling all around them, nothing can pull them apart. This isn’t just a love story, it’s the LAST love story ever told.



The battle between rebels and conspirators continues as a captured King Mob is beaten and tortured by the Conspiracy in their brutal attempt to learn the secrets of the Invisibles. Looking to save their him, the rest of King Mob’s cell joins forces but it will be up to the newest Invisible, Dane McGowan, to stay ahead of the masses of armed Conspiracy thugs and save his compatriot. Also, the horrifying secret that transformed Boy from an officer of law to a disciple of chaos is finally revealed.