A call for submissions for Moebius art show and mini-comic


To celebrate the release of Dark Horse Comics and Moebius Production’s Moebius Library: The World of Edena we are holding a release party to celebrate the work of the comics legend, with some material appearing in English for the first time.  To celebrate the release of the first volume of the Moebius Library, Ash Ave Comics is holding an art show to honor the legacy of this comics legend.

We are asking all interested artists to submit artwork honoring Jean Giraud (Moebius) by Wednesday, September 21st, our intention is to hold an art show at the shop on Wednesday October 26, the day of release for this first volume of works published in this partnership. We also plan on creating a mini-comic with the art of the submitted artists for the release part on the night of the 26th.  We’re looking for original art paying clear homage to the works of Moebius or interpreting characters or well known pieces of his art.  We are requiring that all art submitted be a physical piece of art, as much as we admire digital, we’d like to hang these around the shop for the release party. However if you would like to submit a physical piece of artwork and a scan of the art, that would be appreciated but not required.    We would also ask that artists provide their own frames for the show.  The shop is allowing all artists who sell their original art at the shop to keep the entirety of the profits.  


Please contact the shop at ashavecomics@gmail.com with submissions or any questions about submissions for the release party. Cheers!